Getting Started

Thinking about a building project?


When looking at building a new home or doing an addition to your existing home, there are 5 key points to consider

  1. Design

The planning, this is the most important part of any new home or addition. This stage is the one that defines what it is going to look like, what size it is going to be and how functional it is going to be. It pays to get it right!

Do you need an architect? Or do you need a draughtsman? Or what about a structural engineer? How do you choose what you need for you’re building project?  We at John Farrell Building use a wide range of architects, draughts person and structural engineers. We can help you decide which one you need and which one is going to be best for you’re building project. Whether it is a new modern house or matching into old, we can help find to right professional for your building project.


  1. Energy Efficiency

When doing any building project, whether it is an addition or a new home, you need to be thinking about the future. How to make your home more energy efficient is key when you have the opportunity.

This will help save you money in the long run and will be more comfortable to live in. There are many ways you can make your home energy efficient, from insulation in the walls and ceiling to just using good quality curtains. We have the skills and the knowledge to help you with this process.

Check out the Energywise website.


  1. Team

Picking the right team to carry out your building project is key! From the main contractor to all the other subcontractors. Getting a complete team will save you time, money and stress.

We at John Farrell Building have a great team of subcontractors. From Plumbers, Electricians, painters, plasters, brick and block layers right down to audio and visual and more. Our subcontractors are use to working with deadlines and they meet the highest quality.


  1. Total Cost

At John Farrell Building we can work with you to work out costings. We can work out how much your building protect is going to cost. We can also help you to try and save money on your building project. With all our projects we have a written contract, in the contract it sets out the payments so you always know what you are paying and when. We are here to look after you the customer.

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  1. Warranties and Insurance

At John Farrell Building we give warranties with all our projects weather they are large or small! We also offer a wide range of insurance depending on the project. We will work with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the building project

Check out our Warranties and insurance page.